It doesn't matter if you want to start a new sport, heal a digestive issue or win the Olympics...you need to apply time, wisdom & some smart crafting to the body, mind and soul. Spoonfed was founded by Husband and wife team, Jon and Heba in Saudi Arabia. Our focus is sustainable sport, fitness and health programs, led by talented local experts and supported by global leaders. We make sure everyone has the chance to learn the steps that help you squeeze as much out of life as possible  



Our kids movement programs are taking Saudi by storm. We know what develops optimal movement patterns, strength and speed and thats why our flagship program is Parkour & gymnastics from age 2 - 100

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Our healthy cooking classes will provide the template for a great baseline nutritional program. Optimize your kitchen skills & we'll guide you to an individualized diet plan for quicker & tastier results. Can't join us in Jeddah?...we can still help by Skype.



Traveling to beautiful countries is essential for killing stress and resetting our problems. We create social, adventurous retreats to condense your learning and maximize understand for kids and adults, for recovery or for sport specific. Check out whats coming





We are a team on a mission to enhance the quality of health in the Middle East. Our approach is simple and it started with a slightly unconventional marriage between Jon Dean from England and Heba Faqih from Saudi Arabia. That story's for another time, so back to Spoonfed. The way forward was through Jon's passion for nutrition, movement, sport & fitness and Heba's service industry background and her love for her community. Spoonfed has hit many bumps on the journey and enjoyed amazing success but in 2017 we stepped up the game. 

Spoonfed today

Our flagship nutrition program is the kitchen based nutrition course 'Yalla Cook Healthy' which helps kids, teens and adults develop healthy eating knowledge by learning how to cook. The program currently holds  classes in north Abhur and Rowdah. The Parkour program is our most popular kids program that helps young athletes (5-15) develop confidence through a blend of gymnastics and athletics [Parkour]. The program runs three times a week on the Jeddah corniche. Jon also works closely with private clients offering a 6 week weight loss program, home cooking workshops and small group personal training. Spoonfed has a 10 day detox that is available online and launching the Yalla Cook online course this fall.

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Heba Faqih

Born and raised in Madina, Heba has always been hungry to develop herself. After training as a pre-school teacher she moved into the hotel industry, taught herself English to a level that she then taught others and eventually hit the top level a women can reach within her company. Heba married Jon in 2010 and took a position at KAUST in a coordinator position. The birth of her children changed her outlook on life and Heba started to work in corporate social responsibility and develop Spoonfed as a vehicle of change for her local community. Heba had invested in land in 2010 and used her life savings to launch a functional gym. Heba mainly focuses on the event creation for Spoonfed and the day to day organizational process. Heba is also a speaker and enjoys creating video content to help spread the message of Spoonfed.


Jon Dean

Born in the UK and raised in various cities including pre-school in Germany. Jon has entrepreneurial blood,  his parents developed two typical British pub's into successful fine dinning restaurants and had Jon and his younger brother chopping logs for the fire, stock taking and helping in the kitchen from a young age. Jon's passion has always been sport, travel, teaching & photography and managed to combine it through his surfing and snowboarding adventures. However the competitive snowboarding took its toll with multiple injuries and led to his desire to learn about strength and conditioning. In 2003 Jon started sports coaching and personal training athletes and in 2007 earned his degree in Physical.Ed. In 2009, after 2 years running a successful fitness business in London, Jon moved to Riyadh to help tackle the Obesity crisis and the rest is history.