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FLITE gym is Saudi Arabia’s first and largest youth Parkour academy providing safe, fun and effective parkour and gymnastics from children starting at 4 years old. Our qualified coaches use a world class curriculum to ensure the highest standard of parkour is taught in all our clubs in Jeddah. FLITE FREERUN is changing the face of #SaudiParkour one flip at a time.



Each class is carefully designed to teach effective movement and establishes quality strength, fitness and coordination. These skills are transferable into every other sport on the planet so our students have the physically and mental ability to stay strong, healthy and active for the rest of their lives.



All our students start with the basics of human movement. The yellow T shirt means the students will learn to run, jump, land, climb, roll and overcome basic obstacles in a safe space. These movements lead to better physical development, improved mental state and increased ability for the brain to learn and retain memory. Parkour sets the standard for human movement which is why it’s used by emergency and military services all over the world.



Parkour is a great way to overcome challenges and develop self confidence. Parkour is very social but doesn’t have the team sport pressure which can be a little scary when starting a new activity. Our qualified coaches understand the needs of the Children and youth in Jeddah and create opportunities for the students to consistently work hard, overcome fears and achieve success.



Our internationally approved curriculum works on a 6 level system which is colour coded. As students progress, using continuous assessment they ‘level up’ which unlocks new classes, skills and challenges. Each student has an assessment card which outlines what they will complete in their current level. Each session we finish we a short summary to help students understand their parkour and what they need to work on to achieve progress and success.


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Lana, age 9.

Lana, age 9.