We provide exciting, acrobatic performances tailored for any stage, mall, school or arena. We’re proud to showcase the true home grown talent of Saudi Arabia and when we’re not on stage, we’re helping people try parkour with our fun and interactive side coaching sessions.


Workplace Wellness Events

Most adults spend more time at work as they do at home, so let’s make the workplace a healthier and happier environment that will encourage productivity, longevity and resilience.

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a HOLISTIC & customized approach

Jon Dean has been specializing in health programs since 2005 in London and the past decade in Saudi Arabia. Jon has been developing wellness programs for small and large organizations including hospitals, universities and fitness companies and in 2013 took on the role of developing Saudi schools as the director of health and wellness for the national school sport strategy (NSSS). More recently, Jon has launched a series of public health education classes and contributed to developing corporate programs for companies such as Unilever, Diaverum, P&G and is working with the general sports authority (GSA) and the ministry of education to develop Saudi teachers and school programs.

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Healthy cooking

A vital part of owning your health is to learn to cook. Our cooking sessions are all completed with basic foods available in local supermarkets and prepared and cooked in ‘one pan’. Easy, fast and health prompting meals that taste great! Have your employees watch a demo or join in a live class or series of classes. The workshops provide essential information of what, why and how we use food as medicine which includes a workbook and recipe collection to follow at home.


Paying back

A portion of our corporate health programs goes to assist our ‘south jeddah’ sports project. We have teamed up with the Al Zahid stadium in south Jeddah to help underprivileged children learn and practice parkour in a safe environment with quality equipment and move them from the dangers of playing in the roads and abandoned building sites.