Spoonfed summer camp launched for 5-9 year olds at Jack N Jill's new location next to the Rosewood Hotel, Jeddah corniche. Three days a week the young athletes spend two hours having healthy, active fun.


The sessions are divided into FLOW & TEAM, both delivering quality coaching in a fun and safe environment.FLOW is designed to accelerate the self confidence and basic movement skills of each student through a combination of Parkour inspired activities. Each student can build skills on running, agility, jumping, rolling, balancing and vaulting. The beauty of FLOW is that the students expend more energy, use more of their body in every movement pattern imaginable and best of all they can express themselves. Unlike traditional gymnastics, students do not have to fit inside a box of pointing toes and the perfect take off. Parkour uses gymnastics and athletics skills to build strength, confidence and adrenal. 

TEAM uses the updated Cambridge Physical Education system to help students understand team sport basics like moving into space rather than scoring and receiving a pass rather than holding onto the ball. Small sided activities and games provide students with more time being active and more time with a ball. Team work, communication and sportsmanship are developed which when added to the FLOW movement skills provide a well rounded young athlete.

For more info; 0561318718 (English or Arabic)