What does the Los Angeles Lakers Basketball team have in common with people from Jeddah? The answer is they all have access to a high quality superfood called Bone Broth. 

This nutrient dense food has been used for thousands of years to heal and protect health. More recently is has become popular in the sports industry because of the benefits at repairing and growing stronger bone, joint and muscle tissue. Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the sport gave broth a boost when it became part of his daily nutritional program. Dr Cate Shanahan the Lakers nutritionist introduced it after Kobe was injured with a damaged ankle and fractured bone. 

The nutrients that come from simmering bones for hours help our athletes become stronger
— Dr Cate Shanahan, LA Lakers

Collagen is a scientific term for a particular protein in the body which forms the basic structure of all your bone, cartilage, muscle, skin, teeth etc. Gelatin is a food term referring to extracted collagen, which is the wobbly stuff after it cools. Eating Gelatin has been found to improve bone density

Gelatin is a colloidal substance that attracts digestive juices and pulls toxins away from the gut wall. This process helps keep your digestive system clean and healthy. However, the most studied nutrients are the amino acids; Proline and Glycine. These super amino's build tight, winding bundles of fibres that create your cartilage. These protein structures also contain sugars called proteoglycans (protein & sugars) that attract water and hydrate your joints. The amino acid glycine is used in the detox process (why it's used in the 10 day cleanse). Benzoic acid is not good for you and widely used in the food industry. As this toxin builds up in your body it can cause a breakdown on your immune system health. Glycine binds to benzoic acid and then you can more easily detoxify it from your body and regain vitality. 

Good broth will resurrect the dead
— South American Proverb

Another great thing about proline is that is increases digestive juices in the digestive system which helps break down your food and increase nutrient uptake. The inability to digest food increases the risk of many modern day diseases. There are numerous studies that show the link between digestive acids and nutrient uptake. Further studies also point to the importance of children and pregnant women consuming enough glycine (from bone broth) to ensure proper growth. As a family we have found that the bone broth is a great way to sneak powerful kid building nutrients into our son's food. He's a fussy eater and chicken broth slips into most meals easily. 

Broth contains glucosamine & chondroitin sulfate which has been shown to reduce arthritis and general joint pain
— Hochberg et al, 2013. Current Medical Research & Opinion 29(3) 259-67

So a very simple summery would be that bone broth can aid digestion by increasing gastric juices that help break down proteins that increase the amount of nutrients you absorb from food. It also pulls toxins and bacteria from the digestive tract which helps boost your immune system and can elevate brain function and mood. The amino acids help build the foundation for bone, joint, muscle, teeth, hair and skin which basically encourages strength, proper healthy growth and anti ageing. You look better, skin becomes firmer, cellulite and stretch marks decrease. Joints feel more mobile so you can physically do more and overall energy is increased. In a toxic, stressful world you could say that bone broth has become essential and again it proves that the traditional ways were repeated for thousands of years for good reason.