The ‘western’ lifestyle is how most countries go about things. Therefore we can assume that if we follow the typical ‘western’ lifestyle, increased processed food, increased hours in the workplace, increased inactivity, less family and leisure time and reduced quality of sleep, then the results in Saudi will reflect this. 

Mansour went through the 30 day program and changed his life

Mansour went through the 30 day program and changed his life

The media is always telling us the latest diet trend but the problem of overweight is getting worse and we seem to be more confused than ever

The benefit of watching thousands of people go through this struggle is that you get to the successful trends that apply to the majority. Check out the top three actions to set in motion.

1.    Spend a few weeks increasing nutrient intake with whole, real food. At the same time focus on cleaning as much of the junk out of your diet possible. Always ask yourself, is this mouthful helping me or hurting me?

2.    Once the right food is going in and junk left out, you can focus on an exercise program that continues to create balance and harmony. Focus on full body movement, that feels good but doesn't make you hurt for days after. Its like a sun tan, you don't want to burn on the first day of the summer. 

3.    You're eating right, moving well and now you need to make sure you are recovering. Your bed time routine is key to a successful life. Winding down before you sleep using candles and NOT bright screens is vital for a good nights sleep. Switch off the WiFi, keep the room cool and very dark. Try and keep a pattern for sleeping and waking and try and let yourself wake up naturally using sunlight or with a wearable device that understands sleep cycles.