Welcome to the basics

Thank you for choosing Spoonfed to help you reach your next health goals. We have a simple approach to healthy living that has been developed from over 15 years of research, trial and error. Below are some key fundamental habits and actions you need to drop into your daily life. Remember health, fitness and performance has a compounding effect. It's the small, simple steps done often that will ensure success. Most people don't get this. They try and make it too complicated or they focus on one area way too much. Your mind, body and spirit is connected which means you can't just join a CrossFit box and exercise yourself to optimal health. Sorry guys, we wish it was that easy.


Learn our basics and if you want more detail then please purchase the 10 DAY RESET guide (gut cleansing, fat burning preparation phase and 10 day food plan). Good luck and enjoy the journey.

movement is more 

Being able to move well is more than just getting fit. It's great being able to do 40 burpees in a minute and snatch a 32kg kettle bell but you have to look after your body. Posture and mobility is vital for achieving optimal movement patterns that will give you strength, speed and power but also help you feel great for life.

Even following the basics daily will have a positive effect on your life. However one way to accelerate your health journey is to RESET. The 10 day RESET plan focuses on gut healing, stress reduction and nutrient spectrum increase. Clients feel better quicker and it lays a more solid foundation to craft an individual diet and healthy lifestyle plan. Click below to see more.